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It speaks for itself

Translate videos into more than 36 languages, add and edit subtitles and natural sounding voiceovers, and stream them over the internet

ABOUTReach more people

Expand your audience and drive new global business by delivering content in user’s native language using our localization platform.


Use our state of the art speech-to-text AI to get your videos transcribed with more than 95% precision in no time.


Leverage our translation technology and network of professional translators to translate it to more than 30 languages.


Create professional sounding voiceover in any of our supported languages and adjust it to your liking.


Export your work in popular formats or stream it to your audiences using our multilingual player and worldwide CDN.

BENEFITSIncrease your following

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Content Creators

Publish your videos in a variety of languages, and reach more local platforms! Add subtitles and voiceovers in multiple languages and get them on your website easily!


If you're looking to connect with people from different cultures, one great way to do so is by publishing your videos in multiple languages. This way, your message can be heard loud and clear, no matter what language your audience speaks.


By adding subtitles and voiceovers in multiple languages, your YouTube videos can now be heard by viewers all over the world. This will help you expand your reach and grow your channel.

Online Educators

By adding subtitles and voiceovers in multiple languages, you can make sure that your courses are accessible to students who speak different languages. This can help you expand your reach and connect with more people.


As a church, you want your sermons to be heard and understood by as many people as possible. To reach a wider audience, publish your sermons in more languages.


Now more than ever, you can go the extra mile to reach your audience. If you're ready to take your films to a global stage, don't forget to add subtitles and voiceovers in multiple languages!


As the world becomes more connected, it's important to be able to communicate with people from all corners of the globe. Now it's easier than ever to reach a global audience.

USE CASESMultitood for your business

Multitood is a perfect tool for all kinds of content creators, and people and companies that share content on the internet, and want to grow their following.

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Content Creators Podcasters Youtubers Online Educators Churches Film Broadcasters

TECHNOLOGYHow it works

Upload your video You can create multiple video projects, and upload videos in any popular formats.
Transcribe the video After upload, your video will be automatically transcribed by our neural engine.
Translate into multiple languages Leverage our team of linguists, or edit your AI translations – the choice is yours
Deliver it to your audiences Use our embeddable player or download in popular formats to take your video anywhere.

ROADMAPProject roadmap

Q1-Q3 2022
Private Alpha Testing
  • Setup and Tested in 10 Languages
  • Refreshed interface for project management and creation
  • Signed Early Adopter (Alpha) Clients
Q3-Q4 2022
Languages and More
  • Support and Delivery of 36 translation and voiceover languages
  • Patent-Pending
  • New Cohort of Early Adopters
Q1 2023
More Features
  • Improved System Automations
  • Testing More Languages
  • Distributing New Client Videos with Multitood Player
Q2 2023
Prep For Beta
  • Prepare for Client Self-Managed Interface
  • Prep For APIs & Integrations
  • Recruiting for Linguist & Proofer Marketplace
Q2-Q4 2023
Getting Market Ready
  • Release APIs & Integrations
  • Optimized Desktop & Mobile Versions
  • Launch Marketplace & Public Access